Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Life's priorities - Rugby

Today the Samoan Rugby Union announced the Manu Samoa training squad for the upcoming Pacific Five Nations tournament. It's a new tournament meant to afford the "Tier 2" rugby nations far greater opportunity to participate in quality games that will see an overall improvement in the quality of international rugby.

I'm rather excited about the upcoming tournament despite the absence of Manu Samoa home games. As Apia Park, the premier rugby field in Samoa is undergoing renovations, there are no fields of international standard in the country. This is disappointing but not all is lost. Manu Samoa will be hosting the Auckland Blues in July for a match to celebrate the reopening of Apia Park.

I'm hoping Manu Samoa does their country proud. There are some exciting players in the squad and they should be able to provide good competition to Tonga, Fiji, Japan and the Junior All Blacks. On the flipside, one of them is a lawyer I've been working with based in the Attorney-General's office. He and I still have some business to wrap up. I'm guessing that getting in touch with him over the next few weeks might be a little tough. I've decided to take this as a lesson in life's priorities.

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