Saturday, May 13, 2006

Man vs Beast - Round Two

The war rages on. But I've struck another successful blow against the filthy home-invading, rice-eating hordes of vermin that have descended upon my house. Whilst making breakfast this morning I, unintentionally, scared a rat under my oven. Seeing the opportunity this presented, I quickly went on to the offensive and set my trap. After which I casually resumed making my breakfast (being careful not to step on the trap).

Some forty minutes later there was an enormous "SNAP!" which drew me to the kitchen, whereupon I discovered my latest victim. Serves the little bugger right. I feel like I now have the upper hand. My strategy is a proven winner so all I have to do is wait for the next home invader to try its luck.

Note: I really do want to spend more time posting about other things but with my leg prohibiting more "normal" activities such as swimming, snorkeling, exercise, etc., I'm clutching at straws. Do people want to see photos of recently deceased rats on a website? I don't think so. The next post will be about something else. Promise.


Linds said...

I do hope your leg gets better soon so we can all be spared the gory photos :)

jt said...

I could always post photos of my leg. They're not exactly pretty either. Although it looks much better than it did a week or so ago.