Saturday, May 27, 2006

Like a tiger!

Crabbers nightclub on Beach Rd is probably the venue most popular with Samoans looking for a good night out after a day's work. It gets very busy on a Friday night and last night was no exception. I spent the night there with some very good friends and we had a great time. The place was packed, the music was booming and the dance floor was jumping. One particular man was busting some outstanding moves. Meet Tiger.

Elena could not resist and had to dance with him. Thankfully Tiger was more than capable of dancing with a beautiful woman and posing for the camera at the same time.

After they had finished dancing we had a bit of a chat with Tiger. He seemed like a nice enough fellow. According to a couple of my friends, he used to be a fa'afafine but gave it away a few years ago.

With that winning smile it's hard to see how anyone could refuse Tiger whether in super tight jeans or a lovely flowing evening gown. Henry though did show some resistance.
Do you think you could resist the Tiger's charms?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Tiger would be a faafafine if he had his way in this world, but his proud family would disown him yet again, last time i saw tiger he was crossing the street in leotard tights, flaming pinky flowery top and the happiest gaze you'll find on earth.
i bet he'll be back to Princess Tiger in no time.